Digitalization—The Return to Outsize Growth for the Semiconductor Industry
TimeMonday, December 6th10:15am - 11:15am PST
LocationDAC Pavilion
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Analyst Review
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Executive Vice President
DescriptionIn just one short year, a decade of digitalization occurred across all industries fueled by innovation in the semiconductor industry. Dramatic growth occurred in use of the cloud, work from anywhere and telemedicine, while online collaborative tool usage increased a staggering 4000%.

Impressive as this all is, it is just the beginning of a massive reinvigoration of the semiconductor industry. Emerging new compute and telecom infrastructures, with IoT starting to deliver its long-promised value, coupled with new technologies such as artificial intelligence are reshaping the competitive landscape at break-neck speed. Despite valid concerns over trade wars, there is no doubt the semiconductor market is once again on a dramatic growth trajectory.