AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning: Where are the Real Opportunities for the EDA Industry?
TimeThursday, December 9th8:40am - 9:45am PST
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Virtual Programs
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Presented In-Person
Professor of the Graduate School in EECS
DescriptionAI, ML, Deep Learning: when these terms are properly understood it’s clear that EDA has long been a leader in solving many traditional AI problems such as search, satisfiability, and model checking. Looking to the future, I will focus on how we can bring our very sophisticated set of EDA skills, honed by 50 years of keeping up with Moore’s Law, to the preeminently important problems of optimizing the design and implementation of Deep Learning models: from small models in mobile devices to giants like GPT-3 or MT-NLG. This is not just an engaging research area, but a compelling business opportunity as well.