SPROUT - Smart Power ROUting Tool for Board-Level Exploration and Prototyping
TimeTuesday, December 7th2:37pm - 3:00pm PST
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Research Manuscript
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Cross-Layer Power Analysis and Low-Power Design
DescriptionThe board-level power network design process is governed by system-level parameters such as the number of layers and BGA. Evaluating the impact of these parameters on power-performance-cost (PPC) requires significant time. SPROUT, an automated algorithm for prototyping printed circuit board (PCB) power networks, is presented here. By automating power network exploration and prototyping, the design process is enhanced by evaluating multiple design options. The board-level power network prototypes synthesized in our case studies are in agreement with manual layouts while requiring 95% less design time. The effects of system parameters are quickly evaluated providing insight into the early design stages.