Scalable Pitch-Constrained Neural Processing Unit for 3D Integration with Event-Based Imagers
TimeTuesday, December 7th3:30pm - 3:50pm PST
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Research Manuscript
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Emerging Models of Computation
DescriptionEvent-based imagers are bio-inspired sensors presenting intrinsic High Dynamic Range and High Acquisition Speed properties.
However, noisy pixels and asynchronous readout result in poor energy-efficiency and excessively large output data rates.

In this work, we use Convolutional Spiking Neural Network filters to compensate these drawbacks and reduce output bandwidth by 10x.

We designed a neuromorphic core as a distributable block that benefits from 3D integration technology with direct and parallel access to 32x32 pixels, enabling reduced frequency operation.
Post-layout simulations depict a peak energy efficiency with 2.83pJ per Synaptic Operation (equivalent to 0.093fJ/event/pix) at the nominal literature input event rate.