In-Hardware Learning of Multilayer Spiking Neural Networks on a Neuromorphic Processor
TimeTuesday, December 7th3:50pm - 4:10pm PST
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Research Manuscript
Emerging Models of Computation
DescriptionAlthough widely used in machine learning, backpropagation cannot directly be applied to SNN training and is not feasible on a neuromorphic processor that emulates biological neuron and synapses. This work presents a spike-based backpropagation algorithm with biological plausible local update rules and adapts it to fit the constraint in a neuromorphic hardware. The algorithm is implemented on Intel’s Loihi chip enabling low power in-hardware supervised online learning of multilayered SNNs for mobile applications. We test this implementation on MNIST, Fashion-MNIST, CIFAR-10 and MSTAR datasets with promising performance and energy-efficiency, and demonstrate a possibility of incremental online learning with the implementation.