I/O-GUARD: Hardware/Software Co-Design for I/O Virtualization with Guaranteed Real-time Performance
Event Type
Research Manuscript
Virtual Programs
Hosted in Virtual Platform
Time-Critical System Design
Embedded Systems
DescriptionFor safety-critical computing systems, time-predictability and performance are usually required simultaneously in I/O virtualization. However, both requirements are challenging to achieve, due to complex I/O access paths management at system level and lacking support of preemptive scheduling at I/O hardware level. We propose a new framework, namely I/O-GUARD, to reconstruct the system architecture of I/O virtualization, which brings a dedicated hardware hypervisor to handle resource management throughout the entire system. The hypervisor improves the system's performance by enabling preemptive scheduling in I/O virtualization with both analytical and experimental real-time guarantees. Specially, I/O-GUARD is the First-of-Its-Kind framework for multi-/many-core I/O virtualization.