JPDHeap: A JVM Heap Design for PM-DRAM Memories
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Research Manuscript
Virtual Programs
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Near-Memory and In-Memory Computing
Embedded Systems
DescriptionReal-world e-commerce systems need large cache capacities. Persistent memory (PM) can be employed to enlarge JVMs’ cache capacities, while they incur heavy write slowdowns and GC overheads. This paper proposes JPDheap, a JVM heap design for PM-DRAM memories. A JPDheap is composed of a standard Java heap on DRAM and another heap on PM. The core insight is to separate heap objects and store them on DRAM or PM, allowing objects to be accessed much more efficiently. Our evaluation shows that JPDheap outperforms state-of-the-art heap designs by up to 115.96% in increasing throughput and 87.03% in decreasing average latency.