KV-SSD: What is it Good For?
TimeThursday, December 9th2:40pm - 3:00pm PST
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Research Manuscript
Virtual Programs
Presented In-Person
Embedded Memory, Storage and Networking
Embedded Systems
DescriptionAn increasing concern that curbs the widespread adoption of KV-SSD is whether or not offloading host-side operations to the storage device changes device behavior, negatively affecting various applications' overall performance. In this paper, we systematically measure, quantify, and understand the performance of KV-SSD by studying the impact of its distinct components such as indexing, data packing, and key handling on I/O concurrency, garbage collection, and space utilization. Our experiments and analysis uncover that KV-SSD’s behavior differs from well-known idiosyncrasies of block-SSD. Proper understanding of its characteristics will enable us to achieve better performance for random, read-heavy, and highly concurrent workloads.