Hardware/Software Design Methods Co-Synthesis and Optimization for Autonomous Systems
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Autonomous Systems
DescriptionWith ever more complicated functionalities being integrated to autonomous systems, the traditional design methods, which are separated to hardware and software, start to fail in delivering trusted and high-performance platforms that satisfy stringent temporal, safety, and cost efficiency requirements. In this paper, we discuss the lapse of this contract between the applications and their implementation platforms. We propose a co-synthesis and optimization framework for the hardware and software design methods. First, we analyse the interactions between the software design methods (e.g., on priority assignment and task allocation) and the hardware design methods (e.g., on memory architecture and management), with their impact on the overall system performance. Built upon the above, we perform optimization to find the hardware and software design methods that work together to best satisfy the demands of the applications. Finally, we point out potential research directions derived from the proposed framework and major technical challenges.