CIRCT - Circuit IR Compilers and Tools
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Special Session (Research Track)
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DescriptionThe EDA industry has well-known and widely used proprietary and opensource tools. However, these tools are inconsistent, have usability concerns, and were not designed together into a common platform. Furthermore, these tools are generally built with Verilog (also VHDL) as the IRs that they interchange. Verilog has well known design issues, and limitations, e.g. suffering from poor location tracking support.

The CIRCT project is an (experimental!) effort looking to apply MLIR and the LLVM development methodology to the domain of hardware design tools. Many of us dream of having reusable infrastructure that is modular, uses library-based design techniques, is more consistent, and builds on the best practices in compiler infrastructure and compiler design techniques.
By working together, we hope that we can build a new center of gravity to draw contributions from the small (but enthusiastic!) community of people who work on open hardware tooling. In turn we hope this will propel open tools forward, enables new higher-level abstractions for hardware design, and perhaps some pieces may even be adopted by proprietary tools in time.