Getting the Most out of your Circuits with Heterogeneous Logic Synthesis
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Special Session (Research Track)
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Machine Learning/AI
DescriptionHigh Level Synthesis (HLS) speeds hardware development and opens the door to non-expert designers, focusing on functionality rather than implementation. The expense and rigidity of commercial EDA toolchains is an obstacle for these users; however, because HLS incurs a performance penalty compared to traditional RTL development, EDA performance is critical for them. LSOracle is an open-source logic synthesis tool which leverages multiple underlying data structures, including And-Inverter Graphs (AIGs), Majority-Inverter Graphs (MIGs), and XOR-AND Graphs (XAGs) to automatically optimize circuits using the best representation for each region of a design, without manual intervention. The use of MIGs and XAGs gives particularly strong performance in arithmetic logic, cryptography cores, and machine-learning accelerators; applications which may be of particular interest for HLS users. Here we present an overview of the approach and showcase its benefits with an all open source HLS to GDS II and HLS to bitstream workflow.