TACOS: Tactile Core with Optical String Sensor for Robotic Smart Skin
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DescriptionIn recent years, the development of artificial intelligence, soft robot and other emerging technologies has promoted the development of bionic intelligent skin. Bionic skin based on optical strain sensors has many advantages over human skin, such as high stretchability, high density, high response speed, etc. Therefore, it has great prospects in robot-related applications. However, high-density optical sensors bring difficulties in data processing, especially on robots, which require high energy efficiency and real-time performance. This contribution proposes a design of near-sensor tactile core which we aim to integrated directly into the bionic skin. Through local processing of photoelectric signals in the intelligent skin, the output data dimension is reduced, and the processing energy efficiency and real-time performance are improved. Intelligent skin integrated with the embedded core can be laid on the surface of the robot in a large area, thus enriching the perception ability of the robot and realizing real-time perception and response to external stimuli.