Cross-Disciplinary Innovations Required for the Future of Computing
TimeWednesday, December 8th1:00pm - 1:45pm PST
LocationDAC Pavilion
Event Type
SKY Talk
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Presented In-Person
Senior Vice President, Corporate Fellow, and Product Technology Architect
DescriptionWith traditional drivers of compute performance a thing of the past, innovative engineers are tapping into new vectors of improvement to meet the world’s demand for computation. Like never before, the future of computing will be owned by those who can optimize across the previously siloed domains of silicon design, processor architecture, package technology and software algorithms to deliver performance gains with new capabilities. These approaches will derive performance and power efficiency through tailoring of the architecture to particular workloads and market segments, leveraging the much greater performance/Watt and performance/area of accelerated solutions. Designing and verifying multiple tailored solutions for markets where a less efficient general purpose design formerly sufficed can be accomplished through modular architectures using 2.5D and 3D packaging approaches. Delivering on modular solutions for high volume markets requires simultaneously optimizing across packaging, silicon, interconnect technologies where in the past, silicon design was sufficient. This talk will cover these trends with the vectors of innovation required to deliver these next generation compute platforms.