Delivering Systemic Innovation to Power the Era of SysMoore
TimeMonday, December 6th3:00pm - 4:00pm PST
LocationDAC Pavilion
Event Type
Virtual Programs
Hosted in Virtual Platform
Presented In-Person
DescriptionThe SysMoore era is characterized by the widening gap between what is realized through classic Moore's Law scaling and massively increasing system complexity. The days of traditional System-on-a-chip complexity are giving way to systems-of-chips complexity, with the continued need for smaller, faster, and lower-power process nodes coupled with large-scale multi-die integration methodologies to coalesce new breeds of intelligence and compute, at scale. To enable such systems, we need to look beyond targeted but piece-meal innovation to something much broader and more able to deliver holistically and on a grander scale.

Systemic thinking coupled with systemic innovation is key to addressing both prevailing and future industry challenges and approaching them comprehensively is necessary to deliver the technological and productivity gains demanded to drive the next wave of transformative products.

This presentation will outline some of the myriad prevailing challenges facing designers in this era of SysMoore and the systemic innovations across the broad, silicon-to-software spectrum to address them. Join us to learn, how a combination of intelligent, autonomous, and analytics-driven design, is paving the way to reliable, autonomous, always-connected vehicles and how this hyper-integrated approach to innovation is being deployed to deliver the secure, AI-enabled, multi-die HPC compute systems of tomorrow. And much more!