Design and Consumption of IPs for Fail-Safe Automotive ICs
TimeMonday, December 6th1:30pm - 5:00pm PST
Event Type
Virtual Programs
Presented In-Person
DescriptionIndustry-leading innovations in automotive electronics has immensely contributed in the development of advanced safety mechanism resulting in exponential growth in the amount of electronics that is being added while at the same time it continues to challenge safety target.
The usage of high quality automotive IP becomes extremely important in the success of automotive IC design. To comply with ISO26262 and zero DPPM test quality, IP providers and consumers need to consider the impact of functional safety on test.
This has initiated an inevitable collaboration between functionally safe electronics developers and technology providers to accomplish unparalleled safety and integrity of automotive ICs.

This tutorial will focus on how both the creation and consumption of automotive IP, looking at the various technologies and methodologies that can be used to standardize and automate this process.

For IP creation we will be looking at the overall design flow and methodologies that can be used to create automotive-ready IP.
Starting from the concept of SEooC^3, we will explain the challenges in creating a safety concept around a general purpose, commercial off-the-shelf IP component.
We’ll move on looking at what a reasonable tailoring of the ISO 26262 looks like for an IP and what are the critical activities in the path.
We’ll look at how the concept of traceability is challenged when defining a block that contributes to hundred, perhaps thousands of architectural features.
For IP consumption we will discuss the challenges of using 3rd party IPs within Automotive SoCs. We will introduce the concept of IP screening and acceptance testing to ensure smooth integration at SOC level to guarantee zero DPPM and improved reliability. We will also look how this fits into the overall manufacturing challenges when taking the SOC from inception to low cost volume over a multi-year program.