Efficient Data Exchange Towards Faster Functional Safety Development
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DescriptionAs complexity of automotive SoCs is rapidly increasing, all automotive products require constant improvements for quality and reliability. Traceability is one of corner stone’s necessary to address that objective as it involves translating a higher-level requirement to an appropriate lower level one, and the sharing of evidences to the higher levels to indicate requirements satisfactory closure. A variety of tools with different purposes are involved throughout development stages and how they communicate the results in a convergent fashion with right dependencies decides the release of the product.
In this presentation, we provide a possible solution on how the requirements can be converted into data objects with right dependencies, whose assignments are based on extraction of values from the output of the tools involved. Communicating via suitable data exchange pipes, these channels can execute using common shared synchronized database to get synchronous update on the statuses and values to be assigned to these objects that can be shared across various tools for seamless bi-directional exchange. Various work products and reports can then be generated out of the common shared synchronized database with suitable templates and formatting.