Designing IP To Achieve Optimal Low Power Using Protocol Defined Low Power States
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Designer, IP and Embedded Systems Track Presentations
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Front-End Design
DescriptionThe Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a widely adopted protocol for interfacing hosts and devices.
The USB protocol has provisions for many power saving features like entry to specific power states upon negotiation/training. This presentation talks about USB controller, describing techniques for saving power effectively in various power states as provisioned by the USB protocol. The paper discusses different low power schemes, including Hibernation scheme with save and restore techniques for the system to enter into low-power state and to gracefully wake up. The presentation further discusses on how the tools & flows, along with UPF (Unified Power Format), helped in the implementation of these power saving schemes. The readers will find it beneficial to understand how the protocol power features translates into an implementation, the relative power savings across the various power states and the various tools involved at different stages of the implementation flow.