Power Minimization for peak power and improved GPU sustainability
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Description• Power is very important especially for mobile chips. RTL power has been widely adopted in the industry for early feedback. It is also a growing trend to analyze power on real benchmarks for realistic power with emulation based streaming flow. But focus on average power, time-based power info is very useful for early design analysis, but still very challenging to get.

• Power equivalent time based profiling can be dumped from emulation at full frame level checks. It is great guidance of selecting Power & Energy savy regions, then can feed power tools for more detailed real time-based power analysis.

• Integrated Emulation + Power framework, now extended with both average + timebased capability. Provide full details of power optimization and reduce the peak to improve sustained power. All driving for better battery DoU.

• Early timebased power info will also be used for different sorts of modeling driving various design optimizations.