Enabling Hierarchical Flattened Functional ECO Flow for Quality Patch Generation with Runtime Benefits
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DescriptionAll Functional ECOs are focused on delivering products to market as fast as possible with minimal risk to correctness, schedule and Quality. Automated ECO solution combines automatic ECO analysis, logic optimization, and design netlist modification with equivalence checking solution to provide superior performance, productivity, and predictability, helping you achieve convergence on your design goals. Currently followed Flattened ECO flow has challenges with Increased PNR Capacity due to larger partition sizes and Majority of runtime is spend for processing of Equivalent non-ECO blocks.
Hierarchical Flattened ECO flow combines hierarchical ECO for its runtime advantage and the flattened ECO flow for its quality patch advantage. This flow can reduce the turnaround time by significant amount by generating patches at ECO modules with high patch quality. In Hierarchical Flattened ECO flow, we generate the targeted ECO modules dofiles using hierarchy dofile extraction technique and then execute individual Flattened ECO flow flows on ECO modules to create the ECO patches. When ECO’s are deep inside in the design hierarchies, the hierarchical Flattened ECO flow avoids processing of non-ECO modules and analyzes only the required ECO sub-module. As a result turn-around time is improved for ECO Patch generation, implementation and verification.