Systematic Generation and Refresh of Standard Cell Abutment Database
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DescriptionStandard Cell abutment qualification is a key process to ensure update or addition of design rule or cell layout is not introducing any regression. In classical method, skill routine or other custom script is used to create various abutment configuration by putting one cell in center surrounded by adjacent cells. This method creates huge number of configurations with large runtime and disk space. Also, it cannot consider complexities of placeandroute environment like power grid, placement constraint, implant layer rule etc. This paper elaborates an automatic method, whereby with minimal initial setup, placeandroute tool creates an abutment block, closer to real SOC scenario eliminating all false violation to enable investigating only real errors. This guarantees no false DRC error at SOC designer end and avoids additional effort to waiver those violation before tapeout. Using data management feature, the flow refreshes itself each night whenever there is a library with new layout available in repository and creates an updated database, thus keeping the database always up-to-date. The unique feature lies in the in-context DRC validation of Standard Cells to detect both cell level and block level DRC and refresh the database without manual intervention.