Lawrence C. Liu
Lawrence has been a member of the RD team at PUFsecurity since 2019, transferring from eMemory after joining in 2018. PUFsecurity/eMemory is the second company he has worked for in Taiwan, after moving there from California in 2009.

During his stint in California, Lawrence worked in the fields of NAND Flash, NOR Flash, and DRAM after graduating from the mid-Peninsula university affectionately known as “The Farm” with BSEE/MSEE degrees both specializing in computer architecture (with direct carryover into the field of memory design, obviously).

Now evangelizing for PUF-based security solutions at PUFsecurity, Lawrence likes to spend his weekends exploring hilly routes on his old school, rim brake, metal framed, made-in-Taiwan bicycle.
Designer, IP and Embedded Systems Track Presentations
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