SeaEun Park is CAD Engineer who is working as a S/W architect and the developer of design methodology for DFT at Samsung electronics from 2006. The DFT in the area of custom design require optimal methodology every time, not general methodology. He is exploring new area for custom design. On top of his current jobs, he has various experiences when it comes to semiconductor area. In the past, he has developed circuit simulator & spice model extraction tool based on his major. He was double majored in physics & electrical engineering when he was university and majored electrical engineering when he was a master. During the master course, he studied plasma modeling for semiconductor etching equipment with fluid mechanics & numerical analysis. Now he is curious about developing an easy way for big data mining using DRAM & Flash manufacturing data steadily, It is related to the diagnosis for custom design. SeaEun Park likes to teach young engineers through creating classes in the company so that they can develop their abilities and company will secure high ability engineer
Designer, IP and Embedded Systems Track Presentations
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