Nicola Bombieri
Nicola Bombieri is Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science, University of Verona, Italy. His research activity focuses on parallel and heterogeneous architectures, parallel computing, and parallel programming languages. He develops techniques to efficiently parallelize software applications for edge computing on programmable heterogeneous architectures targeting performance, power, and energy efficiency. His research field also includes electronic design automation (EDA) applied to Smart Systems modeling and verification, automatic generation of embedded parallel software, and hardware description languages (HDLs). He is member of the DATE executive committee (DEC) 2020 and of the IFIP technical committee WG10.5. He serves as Technical Program Committee member and Program Chair at ACM/IEEE conferences like DAC, DATE, ICCD, MCSoC, ECSI FDL, CODES/ISSS, DSD, VLSI-SoC, ETS. He is author of more than 120 publications in international journals and conferences. He is Editor of two books.
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