Nagu Dhanwada
Dr. Nagu Dhanwada is a Senior Technical Staff Member in IBM Electronic Design Automation, who leads a global team responsible for the development of power, power grid, thermal and reliability tools and methodologies which are critical to the tape out of all IBM high performance processor chips. He has a PhD in Computer Engineering from University of Cincinnati. He chairs the Si2 Low Power Coalition / UPM system level power modeling project. He is the founder and chair of the IEEE 2416 power modeling standards committee which recently released the first version of the UPM/IEEE 2416-2019 standard. He has a corporate award, was named best of IBM in 2015 and has several patents and publications in the areas of low power design, analysis, optimization and modeling, analog design and electronic system level design. He has served in the technical program committees of several conferences and has co-advised several PhD students from various universities.
Designer, IP and Embedded Systems Track Poster Networking Reception
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