OpenMem: Hardware/Software Cooperative Management for Mobile Memory System
TimeTuesday, December 7th2:30pm - 2:52pm PST
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Research Manuscript
Virtual Programs
Presented In-Person
Embedded Memory, Storage and Networking
Embedded Systems
DescriptionHybrid memory, comprised of non-volatile memory and DRAM, is promising to provide larger memory capacity with less static power consumption. This work proposed a hardware/software cooperative management for mobile memory system. The hardware-based memory controller learns short-term access patterns by online profiling, and executes data migration efficiently. The software memory allocator accepts programmer's hints of favorable memory device for data objects' allocation, and presumed object life cycle. We implemented the system on the ARM-embedded FPGA and ran benchmark applications from SPEC 2017 and PARSEC. Experiment results show that OpenMem reduces 44.6% energy consumption and 14% NVM writes, extending device lifetime.